Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Club
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Who We Are

A group of Cal Poly students inspired to use machine learning to solve problems and grow as a community. We believe that self driven learning and the pursuit of impactful solutions are the best ways to grow as developers and people.

Data scientist

What We Do


Team up with fellow members and build models to solve data science problems.


Sundays 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM PST

Meetings are often held in Engineering IV 192-106 on the Cal Poly Campus. During these sessions, project teams intermingle to learn new technologies and touch base on large architectural decisions.

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  • Argo

    An immersive panoramic tour that guides users around the Cal Poly campus.

  • Nimbus

    A voice assistant to help Cal Poly students navigate academics and campus life.

  • Swanton Chatbot

    An interactive chat bot for visitors of the Swanton Pacific Ranch.

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