CSAI Officers

The officer team is available to assist members on their AI learning paths, advise development leaders on community projects, and carry out the administrative processes of the club.

  • Leo Horwitz

    Leo Horwitz


  • Hannah Moshtaghi

    Hannah Moshtaghi

    Vice President

  • Ameer Arsala

    Ameer Arsala


  • David Hernandez

    David Hernandez

    Tech Officer

  • Belal Elshenety

    Belal Elshenety

    Tech Officer

  • Jason Jelincic

    Jason Jelincic

    Outreach Officer

  • Ishan Meher

    Ishan Meher

    Engagement Officer

  • Sharon Liang

    Sharon Liang

    General Officer

  • Arthur Umerov

    Arthur Umerov

    General Officer


CSAI community members apply their software engineering skills to large-scale collaborative projects. Thank you to everyone who has contributed.